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July 10, 2016

NC intervened in abuse

Two women in Hapjeong saw a man assaulting a woman, he was beating her and shouting. When trying to intervene he was violent toward the two women. The police were contacted and directed by the two women, but after arriving, the police did not do much after the man claimed it was his wife and said there was no problem.
July 5, 2016

Harassed by coworker, Anon

I am married and the man who assaulted me is also married, has a child (who attends our kindergarten), and he is also my coworker. The staff was at a work party celebrating completing the first month of school. The man was speaking to myself and a couple other coworkers about Tinder and how “awesome” it was. About how if he was single he’d be “fucking a young woman every…


Thanks for supporting the Korea Queer Culture Festival

Dear Hollaback Community, It has been a pleasure to read from those of you on Facebook who let us know you came to the festival on Sunday and supported organizations like KQCF, the film fest, and performers that participated on stage or in the Pride Parade. It was especially nice to meet some of you … Continued

We have 500 supporters on Facebook~

Thank you to our 500+ supporters on Facebook! If you would like to get involved, join our community or otherwise support street harassment awareness projects, please visit our website for contact information. Thank you to our community members! This post is also available in: Korean

Hollaback! Korea Team Interview in Busan Haps Magazine

        Sexual harassment is a global problem that cannot be ignored. With the recent founding of a Korean chapter of the international group Hollaback!, women, and even men on the peninsula, have somewhere to turn for support. SEOUL, South Korea — All too often women and girls around the world are sexually harassed … Continued